DmC: The latest news prior to the game prior to game release

February 2nd, 2013

Moving on to some news relating to DmC, Capcom has come out and supported Ninja Theory through their statement ‘Ninja Theory has been amazing’. Alex Jones the producer of Capcom US said this,
“These guys have been amazing”, Jones explained. “Like most developers would had three or four random guys from Japan arrivesuddenly and begin teaching them about how to do stuff, and it might not have gone as well.

Jones went on and said that Ninja theory have around 30 years of expertise that they have brought to the table and that the team consists of highly-skilled individuals.

hack and devil may cry

Undoubtedly, we believe, looking at how DmC has been shaping up. In connection with improvement VG 24/7’s Stace Herman tried the first 10 of the 20 levels of the game. Playing on medium difficulty level he died only on one occasion. Well that may ring alarm bells for DMC fans but in our opinion Ninja Theory has reduced the difficulty to allow more accessibility for aficionados and other gamers as well. Previous DMC games were a mortification on players plus there is the Hard difficulty level still left to be tested. In general the impression left was excellent although Ninja Theory might just be focusing on starting gamers more, rather than skilled players. However experienced players can get their money’s worth by playing multiple play-throughs.

Another review is up at The Sun which you can take a glance at from here. By the way Ninja Theory has warned users regarding game analyses coming outprior to the game’s release. It appears disappointed players are putting up bogus analyses to devalue DmC. Although the review created by The Sun looks legit.

You may also watch an unpacking demo of the DmC here.

Just 2 more days before the game gets released until this time you can run the video once more or look into our article on DmC again. The game is shaping up to be fairly decent and Ninja Theory seem to have done a good job . The upcoming write-up about DmC from us will be a analysis of the game so catch up in a few days for the best DmC review on the internet.

Dead Space 3: Construct Your Best Suited Weapon

January 31st, 2013

The weapons bench will play a big role in this new sequel to the DS series. The bench is always in the game since the first installment, basically the bench is used to improve on hand ammunitions in Dead Space and DS 2. But in DS 3, the bench has been completely restored from ground up, not only can you upgrade existing weapons, but you can actually build weapons from scratch. Because of this new exciting ammunition attribute in the game, avid followers as well as new ones will be dying to get their hands on this game.

The Original Bench

The Bench is an item in the game that is located at several places during each instance. In the first installment of Dead Space; upgrades were made by adding Power Nodes to a specific part of the upgrade tree that players would like to get. Back then, the bench limits a players’ choice of improvements to achieve since a Power Node should be present nearby the new skill that players want to get .

Upgrade Effects:
• More Destruction
• More Weapon
• Shorter Reload Time
• Additional Life
• Increased Oxygen Level
• Special Skills and Ammunition Upshots

Next Bench

Because of the current bench players can also choose from personalizing an on hand ammunition or building one from scratch. Select a frame, an upper tool, an upper adaptor, a lower tool, a lower adaptor and two enhancements for your ammunition from several parts. Every ammunition has a initial fire mode and a secondary alternative fire mode. Do you want a flamethrower that also shoots buzz-saws? You can do that.

Do you want to shoot blazing bullets and smash Necromorphs with a melee attachment using a single weapon? You can make it. Or why not make a sub-machinegun with a shotgun underneath? All of these are doable through the latest and enhanced ammunitions bench. Finally, the dream of Dead Space fanatics has come true! Lastly, through the new bench players can distribute the weapons they have built to co-op members as well.

Weapons Development – Finding what you need

There are hundreds of parts and materials to be gathered; varying amalgamation will lead to different weapons every one performs in their own unique way. Materials utilized for enhancements and ammo personalization is available inside Dead Space 3, in cartons and deceased opponents as well. This should give fans a motivation to cultivate for parts and materials from enemies rather than speeding up to each level just to finish the game.

This added feature of the game is unanticipated, though not completely surpising. Normally, you’ll be able to find parts and materials by simply progressing in the game and exploring every spot.

Micro transactions, this enables you to spend less time by buying weapon upgrades and some weapon components using in-game currency. By buying in-game currency spending real cash you can buy resources and parts from the game’s online bazaar. The good thing about this feature of the game is the fact that scavenger bots can also give you the in-game currency that you can use on that very market. But assume that the possibility of acquiring in-game currency using hunter bots is relatively low.

At any rate this game attribute is not obligatory; even if you spend money buying all the resources and parts available, some components can only be unlocked as you advance through the game. The cost of such materials and components hasn’t been announced yet although it is expected that numerous bundles will be up for grabs.

In general, with the new bench, there are unlimited possibilities and amalgamations for customization; DS 3 almost gives full control over the character. And the fact that this game is a follow-up to two of the most remarkable games available out in the market, any gamer will be thrilled and anticipate taking part of this game. DS 3 will be out for computers, Xbox 360, and PS3 on February 5, 2013 in the United States.

Looking at what we know about DS3

January 28th, 2013

The Dead Space series was one of my favorite gaming franchises and Dead Space 2 even if it is too extreme for my liking ticked nearly all the correct boxes in terms of to gameplay, atmosphere and shooting mechanics. And honestly it sometimes scared the hell out of me. Now the release date of Dead Space 3 was marked at Febuary 5 and a trailer due to come out very soon for all us hungry gamers.

Dead Space 3 sees a change in the gameplay mechanics, rather two changes. One added feature is a co-op campaign, where Isaac, a staple character from the two Dead Space sequels is joined by the similarly mad Carver. The next addition is Kinect. Yes you read that right Kinect will be available and that too quite extensively on Dead Space 3.

Co-op brings in new challenges and entertaining features to the gameplay. There is no better feeling than when you are attacked by one of the games many miscreants and your friend jumps into slow down the nemesis and you shot its head off with one well-placed shot of the cutter.

With regards to multiplayer, Kinect is one thing that you can use efficiently during co-op battle. You ask your partner to hand you a med kit and no matter how far apart you are you will be instantly healed. Battling with a necromorph and running out of ammo all of a sudden? Fear not, simply request from your partner and start shooting again. Aside from the co-op controls Kinect can be utilized in reviving yourself, shifting a TK charge or firing a stasis charge. But TK is better suited for key commands since there is an unusual delay after saying the TK command.

Aside from these normal controls Visceral have added a few secret controls as well into Dead Space 3. These commands were incorporated into the game after Visceral analyzed the game and noted reactions from analyzers in the middle of the combat. These controls can activate different shockers and bonuses so watch what you say!

Moving onto the actual gameplay Visceral has made it more action oriented, much to the objection of diehard Dead Space fans. However the combat oriented gameplay is good after all. Rather the balance seems pretty good between action set pieces and a few creepy scenarios . The gunplay is still excellent and additional firearms have been added to present the game a more rapid and skirmish appeal.

The game’s release will take place on 5th Feb 2013 and just recently a Dev Team Addition has been revealed for the game. It will cost $160 and will take in a copy of the game along with the Black Market statue that measures 8 inches , a water container from Med pack, an aluminum Data Pad, SCAF posters and a note pad that comes with a PENG card and small artbook of 96 pages.

Overall the game is looking on track to be an adventure-packed and horrifying experience. Stay tuned till next week when the trailer is expected to come out for futher concrete remarks of how the game will actually play. Until that time take a look at the video below and fulfill your necomorph cravings.

Looking at Dead Space 3

December 4th, 2012

Dead space 3 is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Visceral Games. This is going to be the third main entryto the Dead Space series. Set in the freezing world of Tau Volantis, players will again play the role of Isaac Clark and his accomplice Jhon Carver in their mission to stop the rioting Necromorphs – corpses revived by an extraterrestrialvirus which are hell bent on decimating anything that crosses their path.

dead space 3 is coming

Developers have struggled greatly to make Dead Space 3 a success. For reasons that are too many to name, first sequels in this series hardly made it to the “satisfactory” mark. Funny as it may sound, the horror of being stranded alone in a spacecraft infested with zombies were at times integrated with unpromising details, monotony, as well as faulty story plot (Clark is said to bean ordinaryengineer, but he winds upexpending Flamethrowers and Machine-guns effortlessly). Quite an assortment of new features and additions has been added to make sure Dead Space 3 won’t wind up as boring as its predecessors – which is a good thing, however whether the subtler mistakes have been polishedstill remains questionable.

The most thrillingadd-on in Dead Space 3 is the new Co-op mode which allows players to team up with other playersin order to conquer the chaosaround them, and in the process unlocksome additional storylines. The co-op demo teaser was very exciting to look at, as it showed that in some instances players start to hallucinate – to stay alive from which effective communication is very essential. This kind of gameplay has never been implemented before, and will no doubt capture the attention of many new gamers, and also coax the older gamers to give this seriesa second chance.

Yet another great addition is the Weapons Bench. This is a refurbished edition of the weapon improvement system in previous games. Now gamers will need to “construct” new firearms from vital components they collect in-game. Additionally, they are eligible to build new even more lethal weapons by combining a couple of weapons – like a pistol that blazes opponents that it slashes or a firearm that throws electric rivets – the possibilities of weapons in Dead Space 3 are endless.

Ultimately, we are not yet certain if Dead Space 3 will become a preferable option than a typical game or not. The co-op mode looks really promising though. All we can do now is to watch out for the release date, which is February 2013.

The Next Far Cry Has Awesome Multiplayer Game but with No Central Games Servers

November 28th, 2012

The latest installment of the Far Cry series claims that the multiplayer mode of the game was modified into “insane and deadly extremes” and the multiplayer video teaser looks like it has kept up with that promise.

Some of the features of multiplayer game play are things like crowd cheers, which lift the rank of participating teams members, or team support weapons like psyche gas and barrel bombs. The team defense gears are dropped via planes and can either disorient or burn an opponent’s team.

Aside from the extreme new features there are some rather mad modes for multiplayer, such as Firestorm Mode and Transmission Mode. In Firestorm Mode the player’s mission is to burn both opponent nodes all together and as the fire burns up obtain the radio transmitter. The other mode, Transmission Mode, requires the player to search and possess propaganda transmitters once they are enabled until they are no longer active. It is a battle with time to search and be in command of each transmitter. Full details and video accompaniment can be enjoyed via the Multiplayer teaser for Far Cry 3.

The multiplayer combat is definitely something to look forward toas the date of release comes nearer, although there are other important things to consider with the latest Far Cry game. Even if the improved multiplayer encounter will certainly come out remarkable both visually as well as play-wise, it is important to note that the game will have support dedicated servers. For most upcoming games, the utilization of dedicated servers has been both welcomed and enjoyed. Providing an equipment exclusively for the service and enjoyment of its gamers it brings more steadiness in online connections and also grants safety.

Sohow come FC3 doing away with dedicated servers? The reason isn’t to interrupt and disturb the online community, instead they chose to handle the multiplayer platform in an unconventional way. The Ubisoft community manager, ‘Vextor’, who commented this information in an official community via PCGames, stated that the option wasn’t based on piracy issues. One more thing that the FC3 team has worked to create a ‘Host Migration’ method that transfers hosting to a different player if the primary host player drops for whatever reason.

With the coming advent and publication of the latest sequel in the Far Cry series there are interesting things in store while also considering a few bad news. The new multiplayer mode of the game promises to be a thrilling adventure which is similar to an almost Darwinian concept of “survival of the craziest” where the wilder you play the better your chances. But while you are cherishing everything there is in the new territories and maps of FC3 it is imperative to know that it lacks dedicated servers so the stability of the game rests with the host’s connection and so the waters may get choppy.

All in all though the game seems to be a thrilling and extreme adventure for gamers and with the latest additions and unlockable weaponry goodies, there is surely sufficient crazy to go around.

The Wait Is over with regard to Black ops Two

November 18th, 2012

Waiting for has ended. If you’ve started kicking down doors and slowly entering rooms together with your imaginary Assault rifle poised to fire, you’ve probably been waiting too long. Fear not, waiting for has ended. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is here. A lucky few had use of pre release copies and now the rest of us can start single headedly ending wars after some stealth, tactical cunning not to mention, guns. Plenty of guns. Who in their right mind would avoid that opportunity?! Without giving too much away, the storyline accumulates where it left served by Black Ops one, then quickly jumps some 40 years in to the future: the year 2025. The US is on the brink of another cold war, this time with China.

black ops 2

Black Ops 2 was released last Monday not to mention with it came with the usual release parties and fanfare to whet the appetites of Call Of Duty fanatics nationwide. At the official launch, game developers character voice actors were signing game copies and strategy guides. Among the crowd favorites; James.C.Jones, the voice of Sergeant Frank Woods was furiously signing copies while answering questions for interviews and podcasts. In one podcast he said “We’ve spent eighteen months, practically living in a cave causeing this to be thing and i believe it’s likely to be great.”

It would appear that the fans agree. Sales have been ticking along and though it’s still early days, farmville offers quite a bit to provide. Black Ops 2 includes a tantalizing storyline that’s almost so possible in reality, it’s a little scary! The Chinese cold war stuff… not so much another stuff.(Once more, no spoilers here!) I mean it was a hot topic in the latest election- the growing unease between two world superpowers. And let’s remember # 1 and 2 medal counts in the Olympics! But I digress. BO2 includes great multiplayer level progression rewards, like the old version but a tried and true method to keep you aiming higher and shooting for all those sweet perks!

Of course where would a Call of Duty game be without happy easter !? This time around the thrill has existed the Zombie Happy easter !. You can find these in both the survival mode and the brand new transit mode. In the last Black Ops it had been small alien meteorites that needed to be activated. This time its something a little different. (If you want to learn more, google it… No spoilers!) There’s also the ability to collect easter eggs to unlock a new Skrillex song, which you’ll rage out too while nailing head shot after head shot.

If you’re a COD fan already, this article won’t convince you to definitely try this game; it’s understandable. You will find the spirit of Alex Mason running through your veins and you will vent your somewhat worrying need to shoot people in the head through this phenomenal continuation of a great classic. If you are not a COD fan, Black Ops 2 will no doubt make you one. It features a brilliant storyline that casual and hardcore gamers will both enjoy as well as course….guns. Lots of guns. Now stop reading about it and obtain out there and try it already!

Yet another bit more about Assassin’s Creed Three

October 10th, 2012

So far the news on AC3 has been great – very positive reports coming out from all fronts, and some incredibly thought provoking videos – including the four section mini series that the game developers put together for us – showcasing lots of Assassin’s Creed 3. Phenomenal amounts of work has been poured into AC3, and I for one, look forward to appreciating it!

The movement of the assassin, the main protagonist, looks fantastic – if only I was somewhat near the dexterity and smooth – and the way they have integrated his skill to travel through cities, into a frontier environment is so incredible. Switching from tree to branch, skimming around trees, and not to be forgotten the death-from-above kills that I cannot wait to try out!

Look, the history lessons that are kind of integrated into Assassin’s Creed 3 may not be in order to everyone’s taste, that’s definitely true, however there’s no harm in obtaining a bit of extra knowledge – and if it is loosely based on accurate events that just provides a bit of piquancy towards the story. It will definitely be fascinating to determine what type of spin the sport wears some of the characters, some of history’s greatest figures. Time has a tendency to dull memory and history is written by the victors, without doubt, however this looks to be a various representation of historical best.

Overall this particular isn’t too much not the same as dealing with the pope in the past games, that’s for sure, so I suppose these people aren’t really breaking much brand new ground in that way – and Connor’s personality in Assassins Creed Three seems to be ingrained with a deep sense of honor, and aims to complete what’s right. Which seems ironic I guess when you think about the amount of death he is doling out, pulling out that old chestnut — does the end justify the means.

At the end of the game, I truly wish to believe that I’ve gone on a trip – in which the personality, Connor, has developed in a serious way, and where his choices possess seemed reasonable – after all they are saying the road to heck is paved with great intentions, as well as cure might have better intentions enroute in order to hell compared to an assassin with morals.

Another fantastic game in the making – Assassins Creed 3

September 22nd, 2012

Assassins Creed 3′s hero is named Connor Kenway : a good ancestor regarding Miles, occur Colonial America, the leading man from the 3rd video game within the series likes a whole new group of scenes, villages, towns, as well as outside places not really experienced by Altair along with other ancestors and forefathers. It provides us all a wonderful chance to experience a number of the personalities regarding tale in u . s . background folks folklore, because Connor movements his way through their particular lives.

Not only towns and also buildings will be conquered as well as investigated by us within Assassins Creed 3, because the game can be found around eastern the Americas, and a large number from the size from the video game may be the wooded locations that Connor examines, and spent my youth inside. The times of year also move after a while as not just day and night complete, but the same is true autumn surrender to winter months.

An advantage of moving into a new era with the latest chapter of Assassins Creed 3 is that there is some liberal application of new weaponry in this upcoming chapter, not only with gunpowder and guns being a mainstay of the time, but also with Connors Mohawk heritage allowing the use of less conventional weapons such as the tomahawk. Also, the game takes us into the high seas, with naval combat playing a significant part in the main story as Connor does eventually take command of his own ship, though his fluid combat movements and double counters look a little bit strange when he’s doing it in the navy blue of a captains uniform, while ships lay flaming and burning in the sea.

assassins creed 3

Connor Kenway, hero and assassin

Some figures which usually our hero finds as part of his moves through Colonial America are enormous historical statistics, undoubtedly known, but researched by incorporating amazing level and pictured really intelligently because the Eighteenth century warriors that they were, battling for what they believed to become right during those times. Connor manages to lose their preliminary path of rage and payback, discovering focus in the actual trend, and even along with his separated ancestry has the capacity to reunite what exactly is happening as well as usually spends most of the overall game pressing towards what this individual feels being the right thing to accomplish – as at heart he’s really a excellent gentleman. With some really severe characteristics.

Helping result in the game turn on even more for people, the type advancement, not just in the story collection but the way he or she movements, and runs and combats is incredible : 36 months inside the creating according to the the administrators — and incredibly can are extremely smooth and in conjunction with gorgeous landscapes which includes forests, cities as well as mountain tops.

Looking forward to the game

Rare glimpses from the game, along with what we are able to get whenever we buy the video game are already provided by the actual builders, proudly showing off their fresh video game, as well as years of work with what will certainly end within the Assassins Creed 3 release on the Thirtieth of March, 2012.